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What this is about

This is site is about my personal exploration of things that interest me. Here are the topics that are discussed in this site with a brief description of what they contain.

One thread that runs through all of the material is the conviction that individuals must learn how to learn from their own experience if they are to prosper in the world. A second related thread is that individuals can also learn from the experiences of their peers.


Knowledge Assets

A Knowledge Asset is a tool that we use in the Constellation (see below) to organise the wisdom of communities around the world. It is a particular example of learning from experience.


The Knowledge Asset of the Mauritius Learning Festival

This leads to the Knowledge Asset that was produced on the work that was done during the Mauritius Learning Festival held in April 2016

Learning from Experience

My assertion is that learning from experts (also known as education) has come to dominate our learning process. There are huge benefits from learning from experts, but there are also areas where the value of individual and community experience has been lost.

The Assam story

These pages document the progress of the Constellation's Assam Project