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What this is about

This is an exploration of the idea of 'Learning from Experience'.

Here is the conclusion:


We have lost the tools, the techniques and the challenge of learning from experience. We have become seduced by the power of learning from experts.

From the age of 5 to (say) 20, we are buried in the industry of education—which is a synonym for learning from experts— and so it is hardly a surprise that we have lost the tools for learning from experience.

The issue is not about Learning from Experience OR Learning from Expertise. It is about finding out how to make the best use of both of these powerful tools throughout our lives.


A conversation with myself:


'We learn from our experience.'
That idea seemed clear, even obvious, to everyone except me.


 But what does it mean?
What happens when we learn from experience?


Well, we do something and we learn from it.
Babies do it with great success.
They are prodigious learners.
What could be more straightforward?
Why make something simple complicated?


But what EXACTLY does it mean when we say that we learn from experience?

What follows is my exploration of what it means to learn from experience.

I don't believe that it is obvious.
And I do believe that it is important.


The distinction between experience and learning.