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What happened when....I appreciated myself...

 Story          Title         Author 
 The power of a dream  “When I believed in my dreams, with perseverance I achieved them."  Cindy from AILES
 Facing up to our fears!  “When I faced up to my fears, I was on the road to success.”  Loli from the Constellation
 The music school  “With patience and conviction, she was able to remove all of the barriers to the creation of the school.”  Diego from the Constellation
 The virtue of patience  “When we have patience, we can make progress with all of the children.”  Headteacher from Flacq Disabled Centre
The power of determination  “When we are patient and determined, we can overcome all obstacles.”  Mme Sylvestre from Ecole Emmanuel, Flacq
Growing  « Since I came to work here, I have become a bigger person. »  Linda from Flacq Disabled Centre
A tabou left behind  “When I gave a good example to my community, they adopted the change and so we broke through the tabou.”  Jean-Modeste from Madagascar
 Leaving the shadows  “When we made the change in ourselves that we wished to see in others, we encouraged them to make the change themselves.”  Bernadette from Renaissance
 Believe to succeed   “When we believed in ourselves, we succeeded.”  Cindy from AILES
 A community in service of other communities  “When we understood that we could be useful to our community, we found that we could also help other communities and ourselves.”  Jean-Baby Fulama
 My metamorphosis  “When we have the willingness to change things and recognise that change is possible, then we can reach our objective.”  Asha, Chrysalide
 My museum of the heart  “When I visited my Museum of the Heart, my confidence was boosted and I understood that they journey was not over.”  Scinthia from Chrysalide
 Remembering who I was  “When I felt valued exactly as I am, then I could connect with who I used to be and decide who I wished to be today  Rachel from Chrysalide

What happened when...I/we appreciated others...

 Story      Title  Author
 What can happen when we remove the filter  “When people see with the filter of ‘drug addict’, then they can see me for who I am and I can feel free to be myself.”  Jessica, Chrysalide
 An appreciate mirror  “When someone helf up a mirror for me, I started to pick up the pieces of my life.”  Scinthia, Chrysalide
 The dream machine that makes happiness  “When we gave space for people to express themselves, their capacities blossomed.”  Marlou from the Constellation
 From disability to ability  “When we treated people with the dignity they deserved, they understood that they can have a dream.”  Jean-Noel from Le Pont du Tamarinier
 Youths open up  « When we gave young people avenues to express themselves, they started to talk about issues and concerns in their lives.”  Jean-Noel from Le Pont du Tamarinier
 The right to dream  « When we helped a young man to move towards his dream, he was transformed. »  Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier
 The power of the community  “When we approached the community with SALT, the community had the knowledge to do things in their own way.”  Tebogo Joseph from Botswana
 If you want to support the community then you have to go and get to know the community  “When we got to know the community, we found out what really helped them and we were able to support them.”  Nadine from UNAIDS Botswana
 What happens when you give people confidence  “When we gave people the chance to devote themselves to something, to lead a project, they gained confidence  Josianne from Redon
 Working with your brains, hands and heart  “When I treated my patients in the way that I wanted my parents to be treated, my job became worthwhile.   Anusha from Flacq Disabled Centre
 How the culture of appreciation has changed the relationship with my family  “When I appreciated that others had something to share with me, my relation with them changed and became more natural and rich.”  Hervé from the Constellation
 To touch more people I will share my experience  “When I felt supported and when I recognised my experiences and strengths, I understood that I could share these with others to develop a collective response to the challenge of drugs.”  Cindy from AILES

What happened when....we appreciated each other...

 Story     Title  Author 
Emptying our bags  “When we ‘emptied our bags’ of our emotions, frustrations and anger, we felt relieved and encouraged to continue our journey together.”  Jessica, Scinthia, Tracy and Rachel from Chrysalide
 From a storm to a storm-in-a-teacup  “When we strived for open, respectful and assertive communication with our peers, then we gave and received support which led to further sharing, growing and learning.”  Virginie-Anne from Le Pont du Tamarinier
 How to make every action a deliberate attempt to move closer to our dream  “When we did an AER after an action, that action became a deliberate attempt to move closer to our dream.”  Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier
 A new support group  “When we recognised that others had lived through experiences similar to our own and that they shared our aspirations, then we sought them out for advice and support and to learn from them.”  Rachel from Chrysalide
 Opening up  When people were convinced that we would have an open and honest conversation, we began to build trust.  Luc from the Constellation

What happened when...we looked for what we had in common...

 Story         Title  Author 
How a pair of old toilet seats led to a new village  “When we brought people together, the barriers to progress disappeared.”  Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier
 A dance breaks down the barriers  “When we shared a brief activity with members of a community at the beginning of a visit, we found that the barriers between us came down.“  Luc from the Constellation
 Champions of common humanity  “When we emphasized what we had in common, people had fewer disagreements and battles.”  Rafique from the Constellation
 AILES and Peer Educators: a story of confidence  “When we joined together, we became stronger.”  Cindy from AILES
 Sports can make differences invisible  “When disabled children took part in sports with other children, the disabled children stopped seeing themselves as different from others.”  Arvesh from Flacq disabled centre
 Together, we are stronger  “When we came together, we were stronger and people listened to us.”  Balgubin from MACOSS
 SALT has shown the importance of meeting together and staying together  "When we practiced SALT, we looked at how we lived our lives together."  Stephen from Botswana

What happened when... we took ownership...

 Story          Title       Author 
 Family magic circles  “When our children felt they had some ownership of our conversation, they engaged with us (their parents).”  Virginie-Anne Andrieux
 Sacrifice to save  “When people took ownership of a challenge, we found that they took initiatives to move towards their dream.”  Rafique from the Constellation
 SALT saves lives  “When we took ownership of our challenge, our action was sustainable".  Philip from the Constellation


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