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In the table below, you will find links to the stories that we wrote down and to the video clips that we recorded.


Title of Story Author
What can happen when we remove the filter. Jessica from Chrysalide
Remembering who I was. Rachel from Chrysalide
An appreciative mirror Scinthia from Chrysalide
Emptying our bags Jessica, Scinthia, Tracy et Rachel from Chrysalide
From a storm to a storm-in-a-teacup Virginie-Anne from Le Pont du Tamarinier
How to make every action a deliberate attempt to move closer to our dream Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier
My museum of the heart Scinthia from Chrysalide
A new support group Rachel from Chrysalide
My metamorphosis Asha from Chrysalide
How a pair of old toilet seats led to  a new village Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier
The dream machine that makes happiness Marlou from the Constellation
From disability to ability Jean-Noel Moikeenah from Le Pont du Tamarinier
Youths open up Jean-Noel Moikeenah from Le Pont du Tamarinier
A dance breaks down the barriers Luc from the Constellation
Opening up Luc from the Constellation
Family magic circles Virginie-Anne Andrieux
Champions of common humanity Rafique from the Constellation
Sacrifice to save Rafique from the Constellation
The right to dream Aniele from Le Pont du Tamarinier
Management crisis skills Sarah
How the culture of appreciation has changed the relatioship with my family Hervé from the Constellation
A community in service of other communities. Jean-Baby from The Democratic Republic of the Congo
The power of a dream Cindy from AILES
To touch more people I will share my experience Cindy from AILES
AILES and Peer Educators: a story of confidence Cindy from AILES
Believe to succeed Nadia
Leaving the shadows Bernadette from Renaissance
A tabou left behind Jean-Modeste from Madagascar
How to shield our children Guilane from Lafayette
Take care of our children in order to protect them Marie-Noelle from Lafayette
A change of perspective Erika from Botswana
Sports can make differences invisible Arvesh from Flacq
SALT saves lives Philip from the Constellation
Together, we are stronger. Balgubin from MACOSS
Growing Linda from Flacq Disabled Centre
Not differently abled, but better abled Nathalie from Flacq Disabled Centre
SALT has shown the importance of meeting together and staying together Steven from Botswana
The power of the community Tebogo Joseph from Botswana
If you want to support the community, then you have to go and know the community. Nadine from UNAIDS Botswana
Dreams can pull us toward the good and away from the bad Sebastien from Le Pont du Tamarinier
The power of determination Mme Sylvestre from Ecole Emmanuel in Flacq
What happens when you give people confidence. Josianne from Redon
Working with our brains, hands and heart Anusha from the Flacq Disabled Centre.
The virtue of patience The Head Teacher at the Flacq Disabled Centre.
The music school Diego from the Constellation.
Facing up to our fears Loli from the Constellation.


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